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Have you searched ‘reliable towing near me’ lately? Are you a Bakersfield, CA city resident? Did you know there’s an affordable, efficient towing service nearby? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are in the right place. Ayala Towing is the leading expert on matters towing. We are in fact a one stop solution to all your towing needs. And we serve the greater city of Bakersfield, and Arvin. We ensure to tow your car to safety at affordable costs.

That we bring years of towing experience to the table is no doubt. We run the most reliable, most sought-after and most experienced towing service in the region. You simply won’t find better, yet cost effective towing service. Don’t even bother looking. We are unique, and so are our services. It is impossible to overstate the importance of our services to you, a car owner.

Why choose us? We work with great passion and care. The result is a growing list of clients, and much feedback of our towing services. What tips the scales in our favor is our team of qualified and certified technicians. They are not only fully insured but also fully licensed for your safety and peace of mind. Come pay us a visit at Ayala Towing. We promise to provide quality services and value for your money.

Whether your car has a flat tire, or has failed to start, we can assist in towing your vehicle. Our skills are unmatched and our prices highly competitive. Turn to us today for attractive discounts regardless of whether you are new or a repeat customer. Forget searching ‘reliable towing near me’ and simply contact us today. If you are in  Bakersfield, CA we invite you to our offices and get to know us better.